Rafael correa

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Cultural Hero: Rafael Correa

Rafael Correa is the President of the Republic of Ecuador. He is tall and slim. Rafael Correa has black hair and green eyes. He is articulate. He has good sense ofhumor. His good looking physical appearance and most of all his personality makes him one of the most popular and beloved politicians of the history of Ecuador.

Rafael Correa was elected president in2006. He is an economist graduated from an Ecuadorian University. He also studied his Master in Europe and his Doctorate in the U.S. When Correa started his first term he promised to get rid of thetraditionally corrupt political classes that have been for centuries dominate Ecuador and to give better lives to poor people. People in Ecuador are been witnesses that so many good changes ineducation, health, housing, justice, infrastructure.

He is an important leader of Ecuadorian culture. His popularity is due to finally achieved that employers pay their taxes. He created the humandevelopment bonus, free education including school supplies and uniforms and tax reform. He has hits and mistakes but it certainly has worked for his country. He is honest and sincere men who loves his countryand defends it.

Rafael Correa believes in social changes and he is working for his country. He knows how important is to invest in social programs to reduce poverty, indigence and unemployment.One of the first things that he did was to assign more resources to social programs. This decision was hard because Ecuador had been using fifty percent of his budget to pay international debts but heput people first. He is succeeding in the reduction of the poverty in Ecuador. I talked to my family and they told me how the changes are affecting for good people’s life. For people in Ecuador Correarepresent a big change for good in the history of Ecuadorian Presidents.

He worked for one year in a mission at a kinder garden in Cotopaxi, where he acquired some knowledge of Quechua. In...
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