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For Network Programs using a Computer ID key for locking

Use the following guideline to resolve the problem when you get a “License Not Found” message.

Your CSI program can be licensed to run on multiple computers so that several computers can share it. In this case a computer network is required so that all computers that are authorized to run thesoftware are connected. A special program, the SentinelLM license server, must be installed onto one or more computers in the network to coordinate the use of the CSI program. The license server has access to the license codes for the program. When a program starts, it communicates with the license server to obtain a license.

In order for your networked program to work properly the following 4items must be true.

1. The SentinelLM license server must be installed and running.
2. Your computer must be able to detect the Computer ID key.
3. The license server must recognize the license code for the CSI software.
4. A client workstation must be able to get a license from the license server.

Item 1. Check that the SentinelLM license server is installed and running.

If it isinstalled there should be an entry for SentinelLM in Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel. If it is not installed please refer to the Installation Instructions which are included with your software package. You can also find the instructions in a .pdf file in the root directory of your CD.

Next check if the SentinelLM license server is running. (It should be started automatically afterinstallation and every time your computer is rebooted.) Go to Services in the Control Panel. The location depends on which operating system you are using. Locate the SentinelLM entry and check that the status shows Started. If not, then right button click on the SentinelLM line and choose Start.

Next check the communication required for the license server. Start WlmAdmin.exe.  This can be runfrom

Start > Programs > program version (level) Server\License Manager > License Manager Administration. 

Alternatively, this program is located, by default installation, in

C:\Program Files\Computers and Structures\program version (level) Server\License Manager

If you get the message “SentinelLM: Error [17] Probably no servers running on this subnet “
it ispossible your firewall is preventing communication. UDP port 5093 must be open in
order for communication to occur between server and client. There is a diagnostic tool to
check this, UDPTester, which can be found at the following FTP site:


Item 2. Check that your computer can detect the Computer ID key.

The most commonreason the license is not found is that your computer does not recognize the Computer ID key, or CID key To check this, remove all hardware devices except the parallel port CID key (or the USB CID key, depending on which was sent to you) and then run WechoID.exe also located in the program folder defined above. This will bring up a window as follows:


If the Computer ID check box isgrayed out as in the above example then your computer cannot recognize the CID key and your license won’t work.

The Sentinel System Driver necessary to recognize the CID key is automatically installed when the CSI program is installed. To make sure you are using the latest driver download it from our FTP site:


Save the file 'SSD5411-32bit.exe' toa temporary (empty) folder. Remove any USB keys you might have attached to your computer and then double-click the file to execute it. This is a one-time installation. You should not need to perform the installation again unless you uninstall it. If you get no error messages, re-boot your machine. The setup is now complete.

Run WechoID.exe again (re-attach your USB key if you have one) and...
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