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Rave is an English word meaning "rave" or "speak exuberantly" but in general we refer to the word Rave like a party.

Begins around the 80's
InIbiza and India
The rave culture is where you see most of the more advanced forms of spirituality aware today
It has been compared with thatperformed rituals of prehistoric man fire about to enter a trance state.
Raves are compared with American Indian ceremonies, where music was the key toreach a unique state both emotionally and psychologically
The "Raver's" are Hedonists, lovers of anything that causes them pleasure, happiness aswell as the trivial and sought wholeness and ecstasy as a psychological state of expanded consciousness
These four pillars of the community is whatmakes the festival has more positive energy
The four pillars of the community are plur rave! Peace love unity and respect
This sign is used byravers that for them the music produced by synthesizers is the maximum, on the other hand om symbolizes the divine Brahman and the universe.
It isconsidered by Hindus the primordial sound source and the beginning of most of the mantras, words or sounds divine and powerful.
(Este signo loutilizan los ravers por que para ellos la musica producida por sintetizadores es lo maximo, por otro lado om Simboliza el divino Brahman y el universoentero.
Es considerada por los hindúes el sonido primordial, origen y principio de la mayoría de los mantras, palabras o sonidos divinos y poderosos)
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