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Unit/page | Learning activity | percentage | grade |
| Find information about a famous person you like and use the information to write a paragraph. Include thefollowing name, age, country of origin, date of birth, e-mail address and telephone number. | 3 | |
| Use magazines or books and cut 10 pictures of people doing different jobs. Glue them on asheet of paper and write the name of the occupation. Remember the occupations must be different from the ones in the book. | 3 | |
| Write a paragraph saying which hobbies you like and dislike.Include information about your free time activities. (10 – 15 lines). | 6 | |
****** | Your teacher will provide you with a reading activity which describes various family members’ routines. Read theparagraph and answer the question. | 6 | |
| Look for information on books or the internet and create a city tour´s brochure. Include information about the places you can visit in that city, whatthings there are in the city and the activities you can do there. | 6 | |
| Write a paragraph expressing your ideas about how can you contribute to make the city and your own habits “more green”. (10– 15 lines). | 6 | |Note that the total grading score for portfolio is 30%

****Who is your hero?

1. Decide if the following statments are true or false.                                                                                                                    true   false
a, Judy's great-aunt left to another country.                                                           
b, Andy likes her brother because hegives him chocolate.                                       
c, Judy's great-aunt was always listening to the news when Judy arrived home.        
d, Andy's...
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