Realidad de la educacion en venezuela

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Thursday, Mar 13, 2008

The standard of education in Venezuela is among the highest in the region. Of Venezuelans aged 15 and older, 93.4% can read and write, one of the highest literacy rates in the region. The literacy rate in 2003 was estimated to be 93.8% for males and 93.1% for females. Although theVenezuelan education system is overextended and underfunded, the Venezuelan government remains committed to the idea that every citizen is entitled to a free education.
Nine years of education are compulsory education. The school year extends from September to June-July. The student population and the education budget have increased, but many children do not attend school because of poverty. Anestimated 20% of the population is without any formal education. The Ministry of Education of Venezuela's efforts are aimed at adapting the curriculum to the demands of an increasingly technological society, expanding compulsory education, and upgrading teacher qualifications.
Many children under five attend a preschool. Children are required to attend school from the age of six. They attend primaryschool until they are eleven. They are then promoted to the second level of basic education, where they stay until they are 14 or 15. Public school students usually attend classes in shifts. Some go to school from early in the morning until about 1:30pm and others attend from early afternoon until about 6:00pm. All schoolchildren wear uniforms. Although education is mandatory for children, some poorchildren do not attend school because they must work to support their families.
Venezuela has more than 90 institutions of higher education, with more than 6 million students. Higher education remains free under the 1999 constitution and was receiving 35% of the education budget, even though it accounted for only 11% of the student population. More than 70% of university students come from thewealthiest quintile of the population. To address this problem, the government established the Bolivarian University system in 2003, which designed to democratize access to higher education.

Venezuela: Government Halts Proposed Education and Intelligence Policy Changes
Saturday, June 21st, 2008 @ 20:09 UTC
by Luis Carlos Diaz
In 2007, when President Hugo Chávez announced that he was going tobegin the “5 engines for the construction of socialism in Venezuela,” he did not know that one year later that he would be changing speeds or in some cases, going in reverse. The socialist revolution in the petroleum-producing country appears to have some difficulties in the attempt to govern in order to resolve the country's most serious problems.
Meanwhile, concerns and issues appear each week likefireworks, dispersing one's attention. There have been many bumping of heads with the Venezuelan government ever since it lost last December's referendum aimed at reforming the national Constitution. This is part one in an article collecting some viewpoints of Venezuelan bloggers regarding Chavez' recent policy changes regarding education and intelligence.
Due to the discomfort from manyteachers across the country, the new Bolivarian Educational Curriculum was halted, which had included several “socialist” ideological components that was to be included in the students' studies. Blog Al Agua [es] attended one of the classes for teachers and comments:
Resulta pavoroso el hecho de que se pretenda ideologizar la educación venezolana a partir de un palimpsesto de imágenes nacionalistas,frases hechas de corte castro-comunista y lugares comunes de la indefinible politiquería oficial. Terrible el hecho de que se mantenga a los educadores sometidos a esa vejación a punta de amenazas sobre su futuro profesional.
It is scary that one would attempt to ideologize Venezuelan education through the palimpsest of nationalistic images, Castro-like and Communist phrases and places common to...
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