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 The basic purpose of recruitments is to create a talent pool of candidates to enable the selection of best candidates for the organization, by attracting more and more employees toapply in the organization
-Present employees
-Unsolicited applicants
-Educational and professional institutions
-Public employment officers
-Private employment agencies
-Employee referrals-Help wanted advertising

-The selection process begin when exist a vacant. Some of the reasons are:
-Creation of a New Position
-Firing some of the personal-Retirement

-Is the process of discovering the qualifications & characteristics of the job applicant in order to establish their likely suitability for the job position

-Agood selection requires a methodical approach to the problem of finding the best matched person for the job.

Steps that follows:
1.Recipt the Job´s Application Form
2. Previous Interview
3.Written Tests
4. Interview
5. Reference and background analysis
6. Job Offer
7. Employment Contrac

Job’s Application Form

-Professional Background
-Personal Education-Objectives

To get to know deeper his or hers interests
Are different kinds of interviews, that doesn’t give opportunities to the candidates to lie.
Structured, Not structured,Mixed, Behavioral, Stressful
The ones most used by these hotels are:
1. The structured.
2. Not Structured

-After completing the application, Human Resources manager makes an interview, andreviews the whole profile of the person. Then he would make general questions such as family information, how many children does the person has, marital status, if he has life insurance, and many morequestions in that area.
-If the interview was approved the person passes a second interview with the supervisor of the area where the person will work, and he asks questions like the skills he...
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