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Mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, reengineering, and downsizing are terms all too familiar to most employees these days. What do all of these activities have in common?

They all affect the number and types of employees needed by companies.

They all require decisions to be made about which employees to keep and which are no longer needed.

Theyall require careful planning.

All of the above.
Headline News:
Companies Recognize that Employees Hold the Key to Achieving a Competitive Advantage
American businesses today report that their employees are their biggest weapon in the increasingly competitive marketplace for customers. The knowledge and innovation employees bring to their jobs leads to the design, development, and productionof more innovative, efficient, and higher quality goods and services. This innovation is what differentiates one company's services and products from that of another.
In a tight labor market, this means that employers have to work harder to attract qualified employees and to hold onto current employees. Many companies even refer to their employees as human capital in recognition of the need tovalue and invest in employees rather than to consider employees as easily replaceable resources
What does the term tight labor market mean?

The number of people looking for work equals the number of jobs available.

The number of people looking for work exceeds the number of jobs available.

The number of people looking for work is less than the number of jobs available.

The labormarket is restricted.
Successful organizations know the value of strategic human resources planning (HRP) (process of aligning human resources activities (e.g., staffing, policies and procedures) with the vision, mission, and goals of the organization).
When should strategic HRP take place?

After all other strategic planning has occurred since the human resources policies and practices mustfollow the strategic plan.

Before all other strategic planning has occurred since the strategic plan must follow the human resources policies and practices.

Human resources planning is not necessary. It will automatically be included as part of the strategic plan.

As part of the strategic plan. Human resources policies and procedures can affect and be affected by the strategic plan.When the strategy requires terminating employees, companies often offer outplacement services as part of a severance package. Outplacement services can include:
• career counseling
• career assessments
• job search skills training
• resume writing assistance
• use of an office to conduct a job search
• secretarial support for conducting a job search
When the strategy requiresfinding new employees, the organization has to decide on the appropriate recruiting strategy. Recruitment involves identifying both internal and external candidates for open positions within the company.
A year ago, Jack Miller, vice-president of operations, learned that he could double the number of employees in his area of responsibility. The growth came following an opportunity for the company toexpand its product offerings. Now, Jack is reflecting back on the success of the growth, its impact on employees in the company, and especially the impact on his department. Let's take a look at what went on at Wireless Inventions.
As part of the organization-wide strategic planning process, the strategic planning group decided to begin the production of three new types of wireless intercoms.Before the final decision was made to begin production, the strategic planning group, which consists of the senior management of the company, conducted an evaluation of the availability of labor to manage and operate the new production lines. This planning group, which includes Jack as well as Sandra Benson, vice-president of human resources, asked Jack and Sandra to work together to evaluate the...
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