Reduction on the citation fee

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Florida, XXXXXX, 2010

Commercial Motor Vehicle Review Board
Florida Department of Transportation
Motor Carrier Compliance
Penalty Collection Unit
Woodcrest Office Park, BldgK
325 John Knox Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32303

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is …………………. and this letter is in relation to Citation number ……………….

I received theabove mentioned citation on grounds of lack of registration and additionally charged with weight violation.

Referring to the first concept, I would like to inform you that I was notaware of the registration expiration, basically because I was doing a lease-to-buy transaction with the person who later sold me the truck. Therefore, I did not realize that said documentwas expired until the same moment the officer named it on the citation. I did try to straighten up the situation as soon as possible; however the ex-owner was not in town and unreachableover the phone.

The second concept was imposed based on overweight; nevertheless the charge was not for the weight excess but for the whole load, bringing the payable amountextremely high.

Being a new driver is not easy, and the returns on income are not as I expected, considering the entire extra expenses in order to keep working such as repairs and gettinga new registration under my name which also implied an important disbursement of money.

Although I did pay out the citation assessment fee, it is particularly difficult for me topay this amount, based on my economic needs at this point.

For that reason I would like to request a reduction on the citation fee.

I will really appreciate your understanding tomy request.


PS: Attached you will find a copy of the following documents:
• New Registration
• Citation Copy
• Assessment Payment-Receipt
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