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Spain, the country where I come from, trough historical and cultural tradition, has been a country where Roman Catholicism had been the only accepted religion. “TheProclamation of The Constitution of 1978, gave way to religious freedom and worship for the Spanish, separating the State from any religious denomination.” (1) This Constitution .Despite thisreligious freedom, most of the Spanish recognized themselves as Catholic. Although it is true that a lot percentage of them recognizes do not attend church except during baptisms, weddings, first communions,weddings and funerals. Also, there are some cases like families and friends choose to wait outside of the church while the act is on progress. They only participate in the banquet, which is thereason of they will go to the celebration.
This fact is enhanced by the realization that the Spanish youth are not prone at time to assist churches to fulfill their religious obligations, as a result justa minority of young people do it. In addition, is appreciated the remoteness of people between 13 and 24 years old. Just is necessary going to a church on a Sunday or holiday at any time, to checkthat there are no young faithful. By contrast, there are many people over the age of 40 with a religious background and beliefs, which they acquired in their childhood and remain well entrenched.
Thiserosion of the religious experience of young people suffering should be a wakeup call to parents and, above all, to the rectors of the Catholic Church. Perhaps the departure of young people ofreligion is due in part to the clash between permissive and hedonistic mentality in matters of sexuality. Most of them believe that sexuality should not be guided only by religion.
But, what we can do foryoung people is attracted to religion? I believe that in addition to government action in the nation, as responsible for the education of all Spanish, parents have much to say about training,...
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