Reporte de laboratorio: crecimiento de plantas

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Tittle: Abiotic Factors and Plant Growth

Objective: Use an abiotic factor in order to test how (or if) it affects the growth of the radish seedlings.

* 4 radish seedlings
*4 cups
* Ruler
* Cheesecloth
* Sand
* Black soil
* Clay soil

Procedure :
1. Choose an abiotic factor to test on the growth of radish seedling (for this experiment we choosedifferent types of soils)
2. Determine a way to vary the factor you have chosen. Be sure to include at least three different settings of your variable to keep all other factors constant.
3.Obtain 4 plants. Label one “Control” and the remaining three “A”, “B”, and “C”.
4. Measure the height of your control and variable plants over a period of seven days. Use the same method torepeat measurements each day. Be sure to keep plants watered.
5. Record all the data you generate in a well-organized data table.

Soil affects plants according to its chemicalcomposition. Every plant requires different nutrients to grow and thrive. If the soil is rich in the chemicals such as nitrogen that the plant needs the plant will grow faster and last longer.
Thecharacteristics of soil play a big part in the plant’s ability to extract water and nutrients. If plants are to grow to their potential, the soil must provide a satisfactory environment for plant growth.Data:

Clay Soil

Black Soil Sandy+Black SoilControl

Analyze and Conclude:

1. On the basis of your procedure, how are you defining plant growth?
A./ I define plant growth as the ability of a plant to grow in different way, with differentmeasures and different conditions depending on its type of soil in which they are growing.

2. What are your dependent and independent variables? What are your constants? What is your control?...
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