Reporte En Ingles Del Museo Nacional De Antropologia E Historia

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-What do you like most about the museum?
What I like me the anthropology museum were the rooms that had traces of human and animal bones and skinsand also liked the rooms that had maque tas scale which fought the battles daily with old men the beasts of the time and of the models of the dailylife of each of the civilizations that were scattered throughout the world.
-What do you like best room of the museum?
The room I liked most was themuseum of civilizations and settlement of America, these explanations are very interesting old world when America began to settle and you could seehow people then fought with beasts in order to survive and maintain with heat and food for their families.

-You hear someone speaking English?Yes, but some spoke too fast and did not really understand very well but others spoke some words not understood well and could not answer correctly yousaid you did not know.
Does the guide spoke English?
If, given their explanations of Mexican cultures in a very fluent English, he explained toforeigners all about ancient Mexican cultures and foreigners quite understand everything the guide told them.

My report of the museum:
Well go tovisit all the museum some more interesting than others but all the purpose was to inform people as were the ancient civilizations and how theysurvived and their cultures and beliefs of all these, and enjoy d paintings remains fossils, scale models and brief explanations in both English and Spanish.
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