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AMIN: As you know, we are in the era of space flight, so let's imagine a journey through the cosmos; you know what is the cosmos?
JAVIER: I know, I know, the cosmosis a football team where he played Hugo Sanchez
AMIN: Arteaga, I mean the universe or in this imaginary journey through the universe we assume that the classroom is a spaceship and the astronauts areall
EVERYBODY: if that would be good (escandalo)
AMIN: Silence, I'll be the captain of the ship
LAURA: yeah right, all adults always have the best
AMIN: if you do not like Laura, you can goLAURA: kill me in full flight
AMIN: ok first go to the moon
GELSY: oh no the moon and were others, and if maybe we in the sun?
CRISTIAN: do not be silly man Gelsy no man withstands the heat of the sunGELSY: and if I go to night?
AMIN: also, the sun does not go out at night, what happens is that the sun is behind the earth
GELSY: then we can not go in the sun ... (triste)
AMIN: not! Embraceddie
LAURA: embraced? Misa go together?
MISAEL: and me because? (pequeña discusion)
AMIN: if you do not want to go to the moon, we go to another planet
CRISTIAN: yeah! Going to Acapulco
AMIN:Acapulco is not a planet, I speak of the nine planets of the solar system, and “Misael want to go to the bathroom?
MISAEL: (con movimiento de piernas) No..
AMIN: While the solar system planets are:Mercury, Venus, Earth, you know that continues after the earth?
CRISTIAN: the sea! and that's where this acapulco
AMIN: we are talking about planets, after the land is below Mars after Mars?
YESENIA:Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday so up to
AMIN: is Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus
ERICK: guy, Sutan and perengano!!!
AMIN: Neptune and Pluto!
ERICK: then these two
AMIN: Misael...
MISAEL: wait forme a little bit; we're going to hit the enemy ship (haciendo movimientos de manejo)
AMIN: know? So let it now Yesenia suppose would reach Mars
YESENIA: There is no thanks! Erick prefer, you...
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