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I think that,Dragonheart it's the neatest trick is also its crucial flaw. In this medieval adventure-fantasy, starring Dennis Quaid as a noble knight, Sean Connery providesthe voice for the last dragon on earth, an understandably huffy fire breather named Draco.
It's too bad, because in other respects Dragonheart is a piece of rubbish. Quaid is Bowen, a one of the bestknights in the entire kingdom, who at the start of the book he is the teacher of battle to young prince, Einon, in matters of self-defense and the age-old code of knightly decency. But Einon rejectsthe noble qualities of Bowen, who tries to instill in him, and grows up to become in a nasty, sneering king played by today's foremost cinematic sneerer, David Thewlis ( Naked ).
While Bowen goes onto become a far-roaming freelance knight, King Einon develops into a cruel tyrant oppressive who is following policies Whose lead the rabble and to revolt.
The least revolting of the rabble is thethick-tressed Kara (Dina Meyer of Johnny Mnemonic). Once Bowen gets a load of Kara, he knows which side of this conflict he's on, and turns against his former student to try and overthrow the king.
Andthe dragon? He's siding with Bowen against the king, with who Draco is connected in an odd way. In the back of the story was explain how , the dragon , years before, he gave half of his heart toEinon, when the still-reliable young was gravely wounded. Einon lives, but one result of the semi-organ donation is that any pain that Einon feels, Draco also experiences, and vice versa. This is whatgives to the book a little of emotion: We want to see Einon punished even unto death; yet his death will also result in the demise of Draco, who laments ''this half heart that cost me my soul.'' Bowen'sconscious of this dilemma — whether to kill the king, as his own code of honor demands, and therefore slay a dragon he's come to respect — gives his character a heroic poignancy.

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