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The story begins with Percy having a nightmare about Grover being chased by a monster. It is the last day of school, and Percy's only friend, Tyson, is being teased by bullies, though there are moreof them that day than usual. In gym class, the extra bullies reveal themselves as Laistrygonians, giant cannibals, and attack Percy. Annabeth appears to have been following Percy and helps him andTyson defeat the Laistrygonians, and the three of them return to camp. When they arrived they find the camp is under attack. They realize that Thalia's tree, which protects the camp, has been poisoned byan unknown intruder. Chiron has been fired because he is suspected of poisoning the tree, and is replaced by Tantalus. Percy finds out that Tyson is a Cyclops and Poseidon claims Tyson as his son.Camp does not go well at all and Clarisse is given a quest instead of Percy to search for the Golden Fleece so that they can heal Thalia's tree. Percy is saddened that he was not picked to go, but inthe end, with some persuasion from Hermes, sneaks off camp with Tyson and Annabeth into the sea with the help of Poseidon.

They unknowingly board Luke’s ship, get captured and learn that Luke istrying to reform Kronos, a Titan. They manage to escape and later enter in the Sea of Monsters, known to mortals as the Bermuda Triangle and Tyson is presumed dead. They reach the island of Polyphemuswhere they find Tyson alive and save Grover with the help of Tyson and Clarisse, recovering the Fleece in the process. They make their way to Florida, and Percy sends Clarisse, with the fleece, back tocamp. Percy, Annabeth, Grover and Tyson are captured by Luke. Percy manages to contact camp with an Iris-message, tricking Luke into admitting he poisoned Thalia's tree. In a duel with Luke, Percy isnearly killed. He is saved by Chiron and his relatives. Chiron is rehired after being proven not guilty, and the Fleece cures Thalia's tree of its poison, and Thalia herself is spewed out of the...
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