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SlipStream 12000 Market Street, Suite 421, Reston, VA 20190
Management: Chief Executive Officer- Steven Fisher Chief Operating Officer-Barret Hildebrand* Chief Technology Officer – Amar Murthy* VP of Operations Research: - George Wallace* Director of Sales – Randall Tausig* VP of Infrastructure – David Young* Lead Application Designer – Brian Dunbar* Product Manager, FMS – Joe Hosteny* BusinessAnalyst, FMS – Jeff Hart*

(703) 994-8304

May 17, 2005

Business Description: SlipStream Air builds software that centralizes and automates the private air travel marketplace. Currently, this fragmented marketplace consists of “air charter” operators that must manage redundant layers that create massive inefficiencies resulting in high costs and lowutilization of their fleets. We provide the technology that centralizes the current marketplace, lowers fleet operating costs and enables booking a private jet affordable and available in real time. This places us in a first mover position when a new class of aircraft called Very Light Jets (VLJ) is expected to enter the market over the next year. This new market segment is called “Air Taxi” and is theintersection of on-demand private jet service with airline economics. Because of its higher levels of aircraft utilization, this service reduces costs to the level of a full priced airline ticket. Company Background: SlipStream Air is an early stage startup and has been in operation for the last 8 months and has generated $30K in services revenues. Our product line is in a pre-revenue stage and ourfirst product is ready to beta with 5 customers in July with a launch planned in October. Advisors & Other Resources: Management: The day-to-day management team consists of the Founder and CEO, Steven Fisher, Business Aviation: Greg Cirillo previously the Founder and CEO of AppSolve, a nationwide product management consulting firm. Amar Travel and Reservation Systems: John Rovani Murthy, CTO, isa 20-year technology veteran with companies like Sabre and American Airlines. Barret Fleet Management: Bob Mann Hildebrand, COO, has a 20-year track record managing operations and raising capital for early stage companies like AppNet. George Wallace, VP of Operations Research, has a PhD in Economics and is a 20Industry: Internet software year expert in Business Intelligence and Revenue Managementwith companies like Marriott. Randall Tausig, Director of Sales, has over 20 years in Business Development in the technology, aviation and pharmaceutical Number of Employees: 9 industries. Jeff Hart, Business Analyst for Fleet Manager, has 10 years of Air Charter Dispatch and Management Experience including software product management for FlightOptions and the FAA. Brian Bank: Bank of AmericaDunbar, Lead Application Designer, is a 10 year software veteran with companies like Arinc and Amadeus. Products/Services: Our web-based Fleet Management System increases utilization and reduces costs for Future Auditor: Reznick Group current business operations by centralizing availability and capacity of air charter and air taxi companies. Our Revenue Management System maximizes pricing based onhistorical data. Our Air Taxi Reservation system Law Firm(s): Andrews Kurth moves this segment to the public with real time booking that includes the ability to compare total trip costs using air taxi and/or airline flights (TrueCost) and integration with major travel portals (Web Services). Funding Sought: $2.5M Series A Technologies/Special Know-how: We have many differentiators, but the primaryand most important one revolves around the fact that we are building a system that is first to market for an emerging segment while Current Investors: $30,000 from founder improving the current marketplace. This disruptive technology centralizes the massively fragmented air charter segment and provides a ready-to-use system for the emerging air taxi providers. Further, our system Use of Funds:...
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