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Run or Die by James Dashner
Run or Die is the first book in a trilogy (Maze Runner).

Review cover:
"When I woke up in a dark elevator in motion, all I remember is Thomas achieved his name. Does not know who is. Neither where it goes. But not alone: when the box arrives at its destination, the doors open and looks surrounded by a group of young people. "Welcome to the area, Novice".
Area.An open space surrounded by gigantic walls. Like Thomas, none of them know how she got there. Or why. What we are sure of is that every morning the stone doors of the maze that surrounds them open and at night, they close. And every thirty days that someone new is delivered by the elevator.
A fact radically alter the routine of the place. There comes a girl, the first sent to the area. And moresurprising yet is the message it brings.
Thomas will be more important than you think. But for that you must discover the dark secrets kept in due course. Somehow knows that to do to run. Running will be key. Or die. "

What I can find loved reading this book?
With mostly human, too penitents.

Personal opinion:
I bought this book to try, I was not sure if I would like it or not. And I didnot like, I loved it.
It has a history of Thomas, who after waking up in a lift to a huge place surrounded by walls. The poor do not understand anything of what they say (what little they say, explain almost anything when it comes), does not understand where he is or why and this surrounded by strangers.
The next day the elevator arrives again, this time with a girl, something totally weird,because in the two years leading the other guys there and guys always came every 30 days. She looks dead, but suddenly opens his eyes and says: Everything will change and faints in the hand has a note that says: She is the last, the girl falls into a coma Thomas knows he wants to run, ah clear That tells us a lot (? Thomas what he wants is to become runner, runners are a handful of guys who go toevery morning there is a maze outside the walls and run and run for an exit and return to the night before that the doors close. thing I wondered is why again before the doors closed and do not stay out for an exit, the answer is called penitents penitents are monsters half robots, you prick, you cut and in short they kill you (very friendly not) and that almost always come at night.

Afterlearning of the existence of the penitent and the walls in the maze also move, as the walls at night and in the morning around the area, Thomas still wants to be a runner.
In addition to Thomas's other guys (about 50 or so I think), Chuck is a nice guy about 13 years, was the Novice before the arrival of Thomas, and become your best friend. And others like Newt, Mino and Alby.

This is not yourtypical novel where the protagonist falls in love and blah, on the contrary, there is very little romance and is at the end. And the truth is not necessary, with all the mess that is in the head, the penitents, Gally The girl the maze, etc. enough.

Correr o Morir de James Dashner
Correr o Morir es el primer libro de una trilogía (Maze Runner).

Reseña de lacontraportada:
"Al despertar dentro de un oscuro elevador en movimiento, lo único que Thomas logra recordar es su nombre. No sabe quién es. Tampoco hacia dónde va. Pero no está solo: cuando la caja llega a destino, las puertas se abren y se ve rodeado por un grupo de jóvenes."Bienvenido al Área, Novicio".
El Área. Un espacio abierto cercado por muros gigantescos. Al igual que Thomas, ninguno de ellossabe cómo ha llegado allí. Ni por qué. De lo que están seguros es de que cada mañana las puertas de piedra del laberinto que los rodea se abren y por la noche, sé cierran. Y que cada treinta días alguien nuevo es entregado por el elevador.
Un hecho altera de forma radical la rutina del lugar. Llega una chica, la primera enviada al Área. Y más sorprendente todavía es el mensaje que trae....
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