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1 Which options are properties of contention-based media access for a shared media? (Choose three.)

**less overhead
one station transmits at a time
**collisions exist
devicesmust wait their turn
token passing

2 What is a primary purpose of encapsulating packets into frames?

provide routes across the internetwork
format the data for presentation to the user
**facilitate theentry and exit of data on media
identify the services to which transported data is associated


Refer to the exhibit. How many unique CRC calculations will take place as traffic routes from the PCto the laptop?


4 What is true concerning physical and logical topologies?

The logical topology is always the same as the physical topology.
Physical topologies are concerned with how anetwork transfers frames.
Physical signal paths are defined by Data Link layer protocols.
**Logical topologies consist of virtual connections between nodes.


Refer to the exhibit. Assuming thatthe network in the exhibit is converged meaning the routing tables and ARP tables are complete, which MAC address will Host A place in the destination address field of Ethernet frames destined forhttp://www.server?


6 What are three characteristics of valid Ethernet Layer 2 addresses? (Choose three.)

**They are 48 binarybits in length.
**They are considered physical addresses.
**They are generally represented in hexadecimal format.
They consist of four eight-bit octets of binary numbers.
They are used to determine thedata path through the network.
They must be changed when an Ethernet device is added or moved within the network.


Refer to the exhibit. A frame is being sent from the PC to the laptop. Whichsource MAC and IP addresses will be included in the frame as it leaves RouterB? (Choose two.)

source MAC - PC
source MAC - S0/0 on RouterA
**source MAC - Fa0/1 on RouterB
**source IP - PC
source IP -...
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