Robespierre Y Napoleon

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Napoleon and Robespierre
Sandra Platero Tortosa

Icons of the French revolution.
Maximilian Robespierre:
He became president of the Republic after the execution of KingLouis XVI who was accused of treason. He began to speak in favor of poor people and became one of the most important speakers. He participated in the drafting of the Declaration of the Rights of Man andof the Citizen.
The terror began in September 1793, a period when the cruel people were arrested and executed without trial. About 40,000 people died in that period. Many people thought thatMaximilian Robespierre was a despot who would make the worst actions to defend the revolution. Although he opposed the death penalty in the early stages of the revolution, became a supporter of the deathpenalty.
He became the leader of the Jacobins, one of the most radical movements of the new assembly.
In July 1794, Robespierre was accused of dictatorship and tyranny. His death was the symbol of theend of the Terror.
In my opinion, I think he was a tyrant. Robespierre did very important things. He created a New France, he never gave up, while trying to bring freedom and equality in France, butfinally created a dictatorship, and he was the leader of it. His aims were good, but not justify terrible acts he did. He did very bad things during the terror, changed their thoughts like the deathpenalty, and all because you turned up the power head.

Napoleón Bonaparte:
In 1799, Napoleon became First Consul in a coup. In 1802, he was appointed consul and emperor in 1804. He tried topresent himself as a liberal emperor, but he was not. There were people who thought that Napoleon was a murder, and he was not either.
He was the supervisor of the centralization of government, therestoration of Roman Catholicism as the state religion, the creation of the Bank of France and the reform of the law or the Code Napoleon (a major part of French law remains the Code Napoleon). Napoleon's...
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