Rwanda massacre

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Rwanda Massacre

When the commoners rebel against their leaders. Rebellion at its most striking propaganda. When nobody can take any more people do what is in their nature- they react withdeclaration of war and massacres. Survival at its most basic instinct.
Rwanda Genocide, 1994-800,000 deaths. Rwanda is one of the smaller countries of Central Africa. The Hutus were in tightresentment of their upperclassmen, the Tutsis, and were long since tired of having to serve them. The Hutus seized the power and reversed the roles between the two of them, provoking that more than 200,000Tutsis fled the country; they formed a rebel guerrilla army: The Rwandan Patriotic Fort. In 1990 the RPF(Rwandan Patriotic Force) invaded Rwanda and forced the current Hutu President JuvenalHabaliyama to sign a contract which stated that the Tutsis And the Hutus Would share the power.
The relationship came to strain in October 1993 though, when the first popularly elected president- MelchiorNdadaye- was assassinated. To keep the fragile relationship going, a United Nations Peace Keeping force of 2,500 multinational soldiers were dispatched throughout Rwanda. Peace seemed to be on a threadwhen Hutu extremists were violently opposed to the idea of sharing any power with the Tutsis. There were even those extremists who desired nothing more than the extermination of all the Tutsis. Lateron it was revealed that they had even drawn up lists of prominent Tutsis and moderate Hutu politicians to kill, should they have the opportunity.
In April 1994 Rwandan President and Burundi’s NewPresident held several meetings with Tutsi rebels. On April 6 1994, while returning from a meeting in another country called Tanzania, a small airplane carrying 2 presidents was shot down by groundfired missiles as it approached its destination at the Rwanda airport. Almost immediately after Rwanda plunged into political violence as Hutu extremists began targeting prominent figures who were on...
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