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Top 100 Energy Saving Tips | |
|Introduction |
|There are hundreds of different ways to save energy. Here are the top tips to save energy with variable speed AC drives. Follow|
|the links to learn more!|
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|Energy Saving Tips by End-User Industry |
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|All Industries|Marine |
|ABB AC drives save over 20 million tons of CO2 |Ship podded propulsion - AC drive instead of pitch control |
|Audit by ABB representative |Ship sea water pump - ACdrive instead of throttling |
|Centrifuge - regenerative AC drive instead of resistor braking | |
|Considering duty cycle saves costs |Material Handling |
|Controlthe engine speed instead of braking |Container crane - regenerating AC drive instead of resistors |
|Decanter - AC multidrive instead of mechanical control |Lift speed control - AC drive instead of pole-changing motor |
|Efficiency optimised by AC drive| |
|Electrical power - savings 5 times the useful energy |Metal and Manufacturing |
|Energy taxes can be avoided |Appliances plant water pump - AC drive instead of throttling|
|FanSave for fan energy calculations |Metal industry ID fans - AC drive instead of damper |
|Fan speed control instead of dampers |Metal industry scrubber pump - AC drive instead of throttling |
|Fan speed control instead of inlet vanes|Steel melting plant fan - AC drive instead of damper |
|Fan speed control instead of on-off |Steel mill roller table - AC drive instead of fixed speed |
|Fan speed control instead of two speed motor ||
|High efficiency AC motors instead of conventional AC  motors |Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals |
|New AC drive and motor instead of old ones |Oil terminal pumps - AC drives instead of throttling |
|PumpSave for...
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