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Dishonesty of the Soul: Inequality as a Whole
Times of differences and racial hate, covering a modern world composed by a mixture of identities…Through history, humanity has overcome severaloutcomes involving numerous groups of people. Because of color, social status, or simple decision of parties, a united country suffers of a segregation issue. As a multicultural world becomes a set ofunified souls, segregation should not be a reason for separation and hate, in a country with the name of United States of America.
Race should not be the barrier to our human and civil rights. Over thecourse of time human beings have created a blinded mind that with or without true resentment have overturned what is the real meaning of humanity. For decades, people have put aside the privilege ofequality to put themselves as a unique set of individuals. “The Supreme Court in Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) upheld the constitutionality of separate railroad cars for blacks and whites” (Segregation inthe United States); act that brought the division among the skin colors and our human rights.
Segregation comes illegal until a certain point... “During Reconstruction, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), theKnights of the White Camellia, and other terrorist organizations murdered thousands of blacks and some whites in order to prevent them from voting and participating in public life” (Segregation…).Inhuman thoughts coming from the immoral representation of laws makes a hole in the hearts of the lost. Because of a different color of skin, are we allowed to punish innocent people for our own mind’ssatisfaction?
The very foundations of our country were established based upon the philosophy of religious freedom striving to unite all in the new world and prevent segregation and persecution. Overthe decades people of all religions began to seek a life of freedom in the United States. States, cities and neighborhoods began to appear comprised of a mixture of faiths. As churches established...
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