Segunda guerra mundial

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Simple Present Tense Guide nº ____ Level 1
Student name: ______________________ NRC: _________ Teacher: Iván Pinto M.

A. Forming the Simple Present Tense:Put the verb in brackets in the correct form (present simple or present continuous).
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Principio del formulario
Mary and I (work) in the sameoffice, but we're completely different. She (like) coffee, but I (like) tea. She (wash) her car every weekend, but I never (clean) mine. She (smile) all the time at work, but I (feel) miserable. I(complain) about the boss all the time, but Mary (think) the boss is a nice person. When I (finish) work, I like to drink beer with my friends, but Mary (study) at night school. The boss (think) Mary isperfect, but she (drive) me nuts!
C. Final del formulario
34 Easy Questions Click the answer button to see the correct answer.
Principio del formulario
1. How often do you play tennis?
a.On Tuesday.
b. For two hours.
c. Almost every day.
d. With John.

2. Where do you usually eat lunch?
a. Sandwich.
b. With Jane.
c. At 12:00.
d. In the cafeteria.

3. How long do you study atnight?
a. With Bob.
b. In my room.
c. English.
d. For three hours.

4. What kind of novels do you like?
a. Yes, I do.
b. I like spy novels.

5. What kind of work do you do?
a. I work every day.
b.I'm a piano teacher.
c. I worked for two hours.

6. How many hours a day do you watch TV?
a. About two hours.
b. In my living room.
c. I watch the news.
d. On Tuesday.

7. What is your busiestday of the week?
a. In the morning.
b. Every day.
c. Tuesday.
d. Last week.

8. My mother is a good cook.
a. I agree with you.
b. I agree you.
c. I agree to you.
d. I agree for you.

9. What does"TV" mean?
a. For one hour.
b. Yes
c. Television.
d. For one hour.
e. On Friday.

10. How do you spell "dog"?
a. No
b. D-O-G
c. No
d. I don't
e. Cat.
f. I have one dog.

11. What do you do on...
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