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Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Image Line Software. The software described in this document is furnished under a license agreement. The software may be used or copied only in accordance of the terms of the agreement. It is illegal to copy this software on any mediumexcept as specifically allowed in the agreement. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, for any purpose without the express written permission of Image Line Software.

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Deckadance GSM By: Scott Fisher

Copyright © 2008 Image Line Software.
Deckadance Copyright © 2006-2008 Image Line Software.

All rights reserved

The Deckadance interface 5
Quick start 1,2 3… 6Don’t lose the beat! 7
Inline-help 8
Deckadance version exclusive features 8
Options & Settings 9
Select a sample rate 10
Set the soundcard latency 10
Set a hardware controller 10
Input audio (turntables & CDJ) 10
Microphone inputs 11
Headphone (monitor) mix 11
Loading a song 12
The Deck 12
The Browser 12
The Playlist 12
Tools for mixing tracks 13
Peakscopedisplay 13
Beat-phase display 14
Beat-phase fine 14
Auto-mix 14
Auto-fade & Punch-in 15
Track selection for the perfect X-fade 15
BPM, Speed and Pitch 16
Cueing tracks & beat analysis 17
The effects panel 18
Function windows 19
The Relooper 20
The Sampler 21
How to sample loops 22
Vinyl / External Control 23
VST Plugins 25
How to load a VST & MIDI file 25Deckadance as a VST instrument 26
Setting an external controller 27
Customizing links to an external controller 27
Keyboard shortcuts 28
How to upgrade Deckadance 30

Key Features

• Native MIDI controller support & user configurable MIDI re/mapping.

• Automatic beat-detection and beat-mixing.

• Built in Effects (Equalizer, Filters, Bit-reduction, Phaser/Flangeretc).

• Relooper beat-slicing performance sampler.

• Load Deckadance as a VST instrument in any VST compatible host.

• Hosts up to 8 VST effects or instruments.

• Sample songs and trigger loops in time with the beat.

• Vinyl & CDJ support (with learn-mode for total compatibility).

• Disk recording, uSampler, phones-mix, crossfade curvature and more…Welcome to Deckadance, Image-Line software’s premier DJ application. With the help of the Getting Started Manual (GSM) you will be working Deckadance like a pro in no time. The GSM covers the basic setup and operational features of the program. Don’t forget to check the main manual that ships with Deckadance for all the nitty-gritty details of each knob and control.

The Deckadance interface[pic]

The Tool window and Function windows will change their display depending on the switches associated with them. The function window switches are located toward the top of the interface (as shown) while the Tool window switches run along the top of the window itself.

Quick start 1,2 3…


We know, ‘nobody likes to read the manual’ so here are 8 easy steps to DJ stardom!

1.Load the 2 demo tracks (Deck A - ‘Step It Up” & Deck B - ‘Dance with me’).

2. Notice Deck A is 124.996 BPM & Deck B is 126.996 BPM.

3. Click the SYNC button on Deck B (the tempo adjusts to match Deck A).

4. Slide the crossfader (X-fader) left to hear only Deck A.

5. Press Play and start Deck A.

6. Wait until the two beat-indicators are in step (Deck A top, Deck B...
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