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Brand Architecture, Skullcandy |
Effective Branding and Advertising Prof. Brian Till |
Jose Crespo Lucas TafurLydia Torres |


1. Target Audience
Skullcandy focuses on teens and young adults and active sports aficionado´s who want a real connection with their music. Skullcandy isfor powerful, nontraditional, nonconformist and self confident consumers. They are between 14 and 24 years old, but we also find that we get older consumers as well (whit young spirit). The socialstatuses are from stratus 4 to 6. Primarily they are high school and university students. They came from urban centers.

2. Positioning
Skullcandy is positioned as edgy headphones

3. BrandEquities

4. Personality


Brand Situation
Skullcandy is a new brand, (based in Utah, United State) that has had success in the creation of an entirely new product categoryfor the action sports retail environment. After this, Skullcandy expansions began to more traditional consumer electronics retailer. Skullcandy quickly grew to become the second most sold headphonebrand in the world and one of the biggest sponsors for extreme sports, including skating and BMX.
Skullcandy products are sold through retailers, specialty outlets, and their online store(, but in Colombia not exist the brand positioning yet.
In a couple of years Skullcandy successfully has introduced a line of more than 100 headphone models as well as many other products likemp3 products, apparel, accessories and audio parts to over 50 countries.
Skullcandy created alliance with others renowned brands such as Von Zipper, Paul Frank, Snoop Dogg and many others, with thepurpose of expanding their target audience and reinforce their own core (be cool).
In 2008 Fortune Magazine determined that Skullcandy was “the world´s coolest ear bud”
Skullcandy wants to be the...
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