Some real world examples for cross-cultural marketing

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Some Real World Examples for Cross-cultural Marketing

To what extent culture of a particular market place has influenced the marketing practices of business corporate can be understood byanalyzing each element of the marketing mix (4 Ps’ i.e. product, price, promotion and place).

Pizza Hut and Domino’s in India

1992: Paneer on a pizza!

1997: Paneer on a pizza?

2002:Paneer on a pizza.

Same statement, same concept but the noticeable thing is the change in the attitude. It started from “absolute disbelief” to “why not” to “calm acceptance”. It shows how foreignbased multinational companies have changed their product according to the taste of the indigenous of a country.

In this case one element of the marketing mix, product has been changed to cope up withthe existing culturally bound taste of Indians. Pizza Hut and Domino’s now serve Tandoori, Paneer and Chettinad toppings which are absolutely new menu for these MNCs but culturally acceptedtraditional foodstuffs for Indians.
Maggi in India

Noodles were alright for dinner once in a while and it is accepted in other countries as well but it was unsuccessful in India. Since Indians consideridly, dosa, chappathi, etc as their dinner menu. Then Maggi wanted another marketing strategy to sell its product and it marketed Maggi as a snack not as a dinner and succeeded in the market. This alsoreveals how culturally bounded practices impact the marketing strategies. They also went along with curry flavour, tomato flavour, etc in India.
Swarovski in India

Swarovski is a Czech Republicbased crystal venture incorporated in 1895. Swarovski India (Pvt) Ltd faced a difficulty in marketing crystals in India primarily. In the European and Western countries crystal is considered as avaluable gift item and initially they marketed their crystal as in the same manner in India but they struggled to capture the market due to the existing cultural aspects. Indians had a sentiment about gold...
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