Speed seduction algorithm

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Speed Seduction Algorithm

0. Preparation: Look and feel your best
Speed Seducer's State of Mind

1. Approaching and making them interested
- Say “Hello”; Give a Compliment; Ask for information
- Comment about the situation you are both in (or music, painting, whether)
- Request or offer assistance in doing something
- Introduce your-self
- Disclose some-thing about your-self;Express your feels about situation
- Tell a joke: Get her laughing
- Get her alone

2. Calibrate the girl
Ask open-ended questions: How do you like …?
Body Posture; Body movements; Gestures; Eye Movements; Trance Words; Language Patterns
L/R hand; Meta-(non-verbal-body)-message;
main representation system; internal sub modal strategies; Personal Time Line
Lie Detector;Non-verbal Yes-No response.

3. Pace (Rapport)
People like people like them self; make her feel completely understood by you;
Find and talk about topic which both of you like very much = > automatic rapport
Body Position; Verbal Pace; verbally pace the ongoing situation

4. Lead (use Patterns)
Embedded Commands = Weasel Phrases + CommandVerbs + Description of State
- focus her attention on your words
- Get her feeling secure, relax, trust
- Emotional Connection
- Get her imagination going horny

5. State Accelerators and Patterns
 Quotes
 Another Person Experience
 Zip anchors
 Synesthesia
 Sub-modality shifts
 Commands such as, "Feel it building...focus in on those feelings....surrender completely...."
Sexual metaphor.."Create an opening for it.....feel it penetrate.....come over and over again to the same conclusion..."
 Age regression
 Visualizations
 Story-telling and metaphors
 Linguistic double binds, use of suggestion (Three Level Stacking)
 Disorientation / confusion
 Sensory deprivation and/or sensory overload

6. Anchoring and link into yourself
- Pour on the Kino (physicalcontact)
- Verbal Anchoring
- Binder commands:

7. Close
- Find out her Name and Contact information (phone, email)
- Ask for lunch, coffee, or date
- Ask for go out
- Kiss Close
- Kiss and fuck her (do your best)
END - close or eject based on the indicators. Closing will stall when you don't realise thatyou will succeed with the close if you have witnessed 3 positive indicators. Decide on either the *close or the #close. If pressed for time, just #close... but try to kiss her goodbye on the LIPS if you have a little time, always KISS CLOSE.

8. Self-Defence: Accept “No” with smile
Never resist her words directly. Reframing of situation. Sleight of Mouth Patterns.
Negation Pattern:"You’re right. I shouldn't ..."
Stop Pattern: “Stop.. and start think things differently..."
"Let me ask you something. If I had a magic wand, and I could wave it and make anything we wanted to disappear, what would have to disappear in order for you to feel comfortable going out with me?".

9. to break up
Hey, it isn't there any more, for me! But I still care deeply for you... AS A FRIEND!"------------------------------------
0. BEGINNING - preparation ... clothing, props, initiate an entertaining and interactive conversation (that is what an OPENER is all about).
Look and feel your best, all the time
Be playful. Be confident. Be in charge
Make yourself more attractive. Work out regularly. Wear better clothes.
confidence + humour + smile
well groomed / good looks
abilityto create an emotional connection / a feeling of romance
being sensitive to how she feels/responds and modifying your approach accordingly
do not spend more than 10 minutes with any one girl if you have not been given any signal to keep going

Seducer’s state of Mind:
1) Affirmations: Unstoppable Confidence
2) Good tonality: Breathing Exercises
3) Trigger: Special playful melody in...
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