Spirit bound

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Spirit Bound

This exciting novel is the last release in Richelle Mead’s amazing paranormal Vampire Academy series. It is the book million ofreaders worldwide had been waiting for with excitement and anticipation for the last ten months. Its fast and totally unexpected storyline makes readersget easily and deeply involved in Rose’s adventures.

In this installment, it continues with Rose Hathaway’s (a dhampir) complicated andtroublesome life, as well as her pursuit of turning back her mentor and lover, Dimitri, who was turned into a Strigoi (an evil undead vampire). Now, he is chasingher, in order to making her join him in eternal life or taking her life from this world if she refuses.

Through its 349 pages you will getinvolved in a magical, fantastic and complex world, full of social taboos and threats, as well as intrigues. Thus, you will find yourself realizing that nomatter what, you never give up on people you really care about. Indeed, as Rose, you could go further trying to save them, even from them selves.Spirit Bound takes you into a longing trip, most of the time a heartbreaking one, though. Certainly, Richelle Mead has definitely surprised the readersby the way she finally developed the chain of events in this installment. As further you read, you will not stop until it finishes, and even when it does,you will be obsessed by the idea of knowing what will happen next. Mead has taken Spirit Bound to another notch, it is a book you must not skip reading.
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