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Converting the Sample Manager to Install a Column Manager or Column Heater/Cooler
This procedure outlines the steps necessary to convert the ACQUITY UltraPerformanceLCTM System Sample Manager to install a column manager or column heater/cooler.1 The new sample manager configuration includes an autosampler with either a column manager or a column heater/cooler(Figure 1).

Figure 1 - ACQUITY UPLC System Stack with Column Manager or Column Heater/Cooler

NOTE: If you are installing or replacing the column manager or column heater/cooler, you must have ACQUITY 1.23 (or later) software installed on your computer.

1. To be certain you have the latest version of this procedure, please visit the Support Center at

715001355, REV. B

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Parts Required
Tables 1 and 2 list the part numbers for each of the column compartments. Be sure to use the parts corresponding to the parts you want to install.
Table 1: Parts Required for Column Manager

Part Number 176001285

Description ACQUITY UPLC Column Manager Kit

Quantity 1

Table 2: Parts Required for Column Heater/Cooler

Part Number 176001287 205000291 205000365Description ACQUITY UPLC Column Heater/Cooler Kit Column Stabilizer Kit, 50/100 mm Column Stabilizer Kit, 150 mm

Quantity 1 1 1

Tools/Materials Required
• T20 Torx screwdriver • T10 Torx screwdriver • Procedure entitled “Installing the ACQUITY UPLC System in a Primary Stacked Configuration” (available in the Waters Support Center) For column manager installation only: • • • • • • New ACQUITYUPLCTM column Open-ended 5/16-inch wrench Waters collet separator, PN 400001829 Fitting wrench, PN 415001941 PEEK tubing cutter Optical magnifier (optional)

The conversion procedure consists of several steps: 1. Removing the column heater from the autosampler 2. Installing the new column compartment 3. Installing the column 4. Making the electrical connections 5. Installing thesoftware/firmware 6. Preparing the column for use Removing the Column Heater 1. 2. Remove power to the instrument. Disconnect the power cord and Ethernet cables from the instrument.


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3. 4.

Remove the detector from the stack. Disconnect the column heater module from the autosampler: a. Open the column heater door and remove thecolumn and column stabilizer. NOTE: The column stabilizer must be installed in the column heater/cooler only. Column stabilizers do not need to be installed into the column manager (they are already built into the instrument). b. With a T20 Torx screwdriver, remove the panel from the right side of the autosampler. c. Disconnect the column compartment connectors (J3 and J38) from the autosamplerpersonality PCB (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Disconnecting the Column Heater Cables

d. Install the shorting connector (WAT072940) on pin 2 of the J8 connector (Figure 3).

Figure 3 - Installing the Shorting Connector on J8


715001355, REV. B

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e. Cut the tie-wrap (or undo the P-clip) holding the cables to the autosampler (Figure 2). 5. Use a T20 Torxscrewdriver to loosen the captive screw on the back of the autosampler (Figure 4). 6. Remove the column heater (slide backwards and up). NOTE: If the foam in the top of the autosampler dislodges while removing the column heater, reposition it as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 4 - Loosening the Captive Screw

Figure 5 - Autosampler Foam (Correct Position)


Install the new flat cover onto theautosampler, sliding its tabs into the foam slots (Figure 5).


715001355, REV. B

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8. Push the cover forward to lock it. 9. Retighten the captive screw on the back of the cover. 10. Reinstall the autosampler side panel, using the T20 Torx driver. Installing a Column Heater/Cooler NOTE: Follow the steps in this section if you are installing a column...
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