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The lion and the mouse song.

Jambo Watoto Karibu,Jambo Watoto Karibu (Hello children welcome)
One day in the jungle -- (repeat),A big lion took a nap -- (repeat)He went sh, sh, sh -- (repeat),Hewas a big tired cat -- (repeat)
Then tip, tip, tip -- (repeat), a little mouse tip-toed...Jambo Watoto Karibu,Jambo Watoto Karibu
The lion laughed so much -- (repeat), he let the little mousefree...
The mouse heard a thwap -- (repeat), so he ran, ran and looked...Now, I understand -- (repeat),It’s not how big or small you are -- (repeat)That makes a good friend -- (repeat)
Jambo WatotoKaribu,Jambo Watoto Karibu.


Storybook: Author: Aesop.
Illustrator: Hubpages 2009.

Target audience: Age: 4-6 years.
School level: bilingual school.

Objectives: Activevocabulary: Forest, tail, bold, roar, paw, net,
hunter, hole, sharp, always.
Expression: “We will be friends always”.

Moral: Sometimes, even the strongest ones need
the help of the weakones.

2-Linguistic part:
It was a hot day in the forest. Sheru the lion ate a big meal. He was very tired. He went to sleep under a shady tree.

Neetu the mouse was playing happily inthe forest. He jumped about here and there. He saw Sheru’s tail and ran up the tail. Sheru did not wake up.

Neetu became a little bold. He wanted to have some fun. He ran up Sheru’s back. Sherustill didn’t get up. Oh, this was great fun!

Neetu became even more bold and danced on Sheru’s head.
Sheru got up with a loud roar. He was very angry.
He caught Neetu with his paws.

Neetuwas very scared. He said in a small voice, “King Sheru, I am sorry. Please don’t eat me. I was only playing. Please let me go. I shall always be your friend. Maybe one day I can help you.”

Sherulaughed. He said, “You are so small. How can you ever help a big lion like me?” Sheru thought, “Anyway this mouse is too small to eat.
I am also full. I will let him go.” So Sheru put down Neetu....
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