Strugguling for the american dream

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Ingrid Choconta
Prof. Crosby
WRT 101-007
June 14, 2011

Struggling for the American Dream.

For years, America has been the land of opportunities, the land of the free. Every year hundreds ofpeople lands in the United States looking to fulfill their dream. For some immigrants their dream is to escape political/ religious persecution, for some others in not the majority, their dream is tomake money, to have a better life than the one they had at their countries of origin. For centuries, America has been opening its doors to millions of people, providing opportunities to every singleimmigrant. America needs to stop being so kind to immigration, and only give opportunities to those who respect and love our country with gratitude.
Philip Martin, reporter for Population ReferenceBureau, writes in his article Immigration to America 2010. “104.000 foreigners arrive to the United States daily, this group includes 3,100 who received immigrant’s visa that allows them to then settleand become naturalized citizens after 5 years. About 2,000 unauthorized foreigners a day settle in the united states”. Currently, most employers ask for legal documents from all employees. There arestill some, who seeking for cheap labor and looking to save money or avoid paying benefits, hire illegal immigrants. It is right, that most of the illegal immigrants do the Jobs Americans do not wantto do (cleaning the toilets, lawing grass, working at restaurants). Many of them pay taxes and are well-behaved immigrants, but there are some, who do the opposite, they come here to explode ourcountry, taking whatever job they find in order to make money to support their families at their country of origin. Madeleine Sumpiton, policy analyst at the Neopartisan Migration Policy Institute (NMPI)said that “Immigrant workers create almost as many jobs as they occupy, and maybe more “in .
I as Colombian native, and citizen of the United Stated, should agree with open borders to immigration....
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