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Suggestopedia is a language learning method created by the Bulgarian psychiatrist-educator Georgi Lozanov in the 1970s. Its theory of learning is based on the suggestology, the studyof nonrational and nonconscious influences the human beings respond to. The method employs techniques for altering states of consciousness and concentration, and the use rhythmic breathing. The maincharacteristics of the method are the decoration, furniture and arrangement of the classroom, the use of music and the authoritative behavior of the teacher.

The principal components through whichthis method works are:
• Authority: people are more influenced and can remember better by information coming from an authoritative source.
• Infantilization: the learner takes part in roleplaying, games, songs and gymnastic exercises.
• Doble-planedness: Students not only learn from the direct instruction but form the environment. The bright color of the classroom and the personality of theteacher are really important. Musical background avoids boredom and help to induce a relax attitude, state optimal for learning.

The objectives are to deliver advanced conventional proficiencyquickly, increase memory power which stimulates personality. In these course learners are encouraged to practice the target language
A Suggestopedia course lasts 30 days, 4 hours a day, six days aweek. Every unit is focus in dialogues with a vocabulary list and grammatical commentary. The ideal number of students is twelve; they sit in circle, which encourages face-to-face exchange and activityparticipation.
The role of the teacher is to create situations in which the learner is most suggestible and present linguistic material. The teacher has to show confidence in the method, choice thematerials (e.g. the proper music).
Errors should be introduced without worrying or distracting from the content.
Classes are divided in three parts: the first one is called the oral review...
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