Tardigrados de mexicco

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Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad 82: 1324-1327, 2011

Research note

New records of Mexican Tardigrada
Nuevos registros de Tardigrada mexicanos
Łukasz Kaczmarek1 , Dawid Diduszko1 and Łukasz Michalczyk2
Department of Animal Taxonomy and Ecology, A. Mickiewicz University. Umultowska 89, 61-614 Poznań, Poland.
School of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park,Norwich NR4 7TJ, United Kingdom.


Abstract. In 9 moss samples collected from Mexico, 6 tardigrade species, including 4 new records for the country, were
found. The new records raise the number of known Mexican water bear species to forty-one. We provide a full list of
the known Mexican tardigrade species and discuss some biogeographical and taxonomic issues.
Keywords: Eutardigrada, Heterotardigrada, fauna.
Resumen. En 9 muestras de musgo recolectadas en México, se encontraron 6 especies de tardígrados, incluyendo 4
nuevos registros para el país. Los nuevos registros incrementaron a 41 el número de especies de tardígrados mexicanos
conocidos. Se proporciona una lista completa de tardígrados mexicanos conocidos y se discuten algunas cuestionesbiogeográficas y taxonómicas.
Palabras clave: Eutardigrada, Heterotardigrada, fauna.

The tardigrade fauna of Mexico has been studied
occasionally and in consequence it is very poorly known.
To date 37 tardigrade species have been reported from
only 8 of the 31 Mexican states, and 7 papers have been
published on tardigrade fauna of Mexico: Heinis (1911),
May (1948), Schuster (1971), Beasley (1972),Claps and
Rossi (2002), Pilato and Lisi (2006), and Beasley et al.
(2008). In this paper we provide a full list of tardigrade
species previously reported from Mexico and include 4
new records found during this study. Additionally, some
biogeographical and taxonomical remarks are provided
on the species reported from the country.
Nine moss samples were collected by the second
author fromCampeche, Chiapas, Mexico and Oaxaca
states in the southern part of Mexico (North and Central
America). Tardigrades and/or their eggs were found only
in 3 samples (see the list below). All specimens were
mounted on microscopic slides in Hoyer’s medium.
Observations and photomicrographs were taken using
Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM). Species were
determined mainly on the basis of the key tothe World
Tardigrada (Ramazzotti and Maucci, 1983) and original

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The list of localities from which positive samples
were collected is as follows. 1, Chiapas State, San Juan
Chamula, mosses from soil, 29.10.2007: 24 specimens +
5 eggs. 2, Chiapas State, Palenque, mosses from stone,
15.10.2007: 48 specimens + 10eggs. 3, Oaxaca State,
Monte Alban, ancient ruins of the Zapoteca culture,
mosses from soil, 10.10.2007: 56 specimens + 3 eggs.
(*new record for Mexico)
Echiniscus viridissimus Péterfi, 1956*
Material examined in this study: 19 specimens.
Locality. 3.
Remarks. New species report for Mexico. Up to now it
has been recorded only from Europe, and South and North
America (McInnes, 1994).Milnesium cf. tardigradum tardigradum Doyère, 1840
Material examined in this study: 3 specimens.
Locality. 2.
Remarks. Cosmopolitan species, recorded from many
localities throughout the world; however, older reports
should be verified given recent descriptions of many new
species within the genus (Tumanov, 2006).
Macrobiotus alvaroi Pilato and Kaczmarek, 2007*
Material examined in this study:35 specimens and 8 eggs.

26/11/2011 09:14:17 a.m.

Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad 82: 1324-1327, 2011

Locality. 2.
Remarks. This is the second report of this species and also
the first report outside the type locality (Costa Rica) (Pilato
and Kaczmarek, 2007).
Macrobiotus coronatus de Barros, 1942
Material examined in this study: 37 specimens and 3 eggs.
Locality. 3.
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