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Whales & Dolphins
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Introducing New Zealand's endemic dolphin
Common Name |   | Hector's dolphin, New Zealand dolphin;
Dauphin d'Hector (Fr);
Delfín de Hectór, Tunina de Héctor (Sp) |Scientific Name |   | Cephalorhynchus hectori |
Habitat |   | Coastal waters |
Location |   | North and South Island |
Status |   | IUCN: Endangered (EN A1d, C1)
CITES: Appendix II Listed underASCOBANS under the auspices of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS or Bonn Convention) |
Population |   | Approximately 7,400 individuals |

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Hector's dolphin is endemic to the coastal waters of New Zealand, where it is threatened by fisheries bycatch,pollutants and boat disturbance. Recent surveys estimate the total abundance at about 7,400 animals, fragmented into at least four genetically isolated groups, three of which occur in the South Island.A small isolated group of dolphins remains on the west coast of the North Island. These have recently been declared a subspecies called Maui's dolphin, and in total number around 100 individuals.Hector's and Maui's dolphins are related to similar species in South Africa and South America.

Action has been taken to protect the dolphin from fishing by closing part of the dolphin's range onthe West Coast North Island to gillnetting, and by setting an allowable level of fishing-related mortality for part of the East Coast of the South Island.

WWF-New Zealand advocates increased...
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