Technical Communication

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Qualities of Good Technical Communication

Technical Communication is defined as a problem solving process and as a generic term for all written and oral communication done on the job. Bothdocuments fit the standards of these definitions but one of them stands out.
Subject Matter
A recent study of the requests made in the center showed that not all requests are being fulfilled asefficiently as possible. In order to solve the problem, the copy center sent letters to the Department heads so they would later inform everyone in their department. The letters stated the new procedures theywould use in order to improve efficiency. This is a subject of technical communication because the letters are giving the instructions to organize and better their service.
*Document B presents the information more clearly than Document A. This is because Document B skips all the unnecessary words and puts just the information that is needed to understand the document. Also, itis better organized. Document A puts everything in paragraphs and making it harder to understand, while Document B uses bullets and bold titles to make it more concise and simple.
* The author ofthis document is a person who works in the copy center. The audience is all the heads of department and the people at the department. The letter is written to inform all of those who use the copycenter.
* Document B is more attractive and professional than Document A because it orders everything neatly and is better organized. Therefore, its purpose is presented clearly.
* I suggestDocument A to be revised and rewritten in a way that is easier to understand. The use of bullets and titles such as those in Document B really help to convey the message.
Qualities of Good TechnicalCommunication
Good technical communication has all the qualities mentioned above and is also aimed to respond the needs of a workplace. It is written as accurately as possible around the needs of...
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