Technologicals barriers

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Technical communication is a method of researching and creating information about technical processes or products directed to an audience through media. The information must be relevant to theintended audience. Technical communicators often work collaboratively to create products (deliverables) for various media, including paper, video, and the Internet. Deliverables include online help, usermanuals, technical manuals, white papers, specifications, process and procedure manuals, industrial videos, reference cards, data sheets, journal articles, patents, training, business papers, technicalreports, and forms and documents.

Technical domains can be of any kind, including the soft and hard sciences, high technology including computers and software, consumer electronics, and businessprocesses and practices.

Technical communication jobs include the following:

* Technical writer
* Technical editor
* Technical illustrator
* Information architect
*Usability expert
* User interface designer
* User experience designer
* Technical trainer
* Technical translator
* API writer


* 1 History
* 2 Contentcreation
o 2.1 Determining purpose and audience
o 2.2 Collecting information
o 2.3 Organizing and outlining information
o 2.4 Writing the first drafto 2.5 Revising and editing
+ 2.5.1 Adjusting and reorganizing content
+ 2.5.2 Editing for style
+ 2.5.3 Editing for grammar
+2.5.4 Edit for context
* 3 References

[edit] History

The origin of technical communication has been variously attributed to Ancient Greece, The Renaissance, and the mid 20th Century.However, a clear trend towards the professional field can be seen from the First World War on, growing out of the need for technology-based documentation in the military, manufacturing, electronic and...
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