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Volume 4, Number 1

the state of the Internet
1st Quarter, 2011 report

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Source: Akamai

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letter From the editor
With the publication of this edition, akamai’s State of the Internet report enters its fourth year. over the course of theprevious three years, we’ve used our unique vantage point on the Internet and the incredible volume of data collected by the akamai Intelligent Internet platform™ to track the growth of Internet usage and Internet connection speeds around the world, trends regarding where Internet attacks are coming from and what these attacks are targeting, and the growing use of mobile devices to access theInternet.
While the content in the report covers the first quarter of 2011, callouts within the various sections highlight historical perspectives and trends seen over the last three years related to the various metrics. In addition, alongside this quarter’s report, we are launching a new data visualization tool, available at www.akamai.com/stateoftheinternet, which allows users to select metrics,time frames, and geographies of interest, and then generate (and download) graphs of the associated data. the tool currently includes the top 100 countries/regions by unique Ip address count, and we plan to expand it to include state-level data for the united states in the future. though this report covers the first quarter of 2011, several Internet-related events of note occurred during the secondquarter, including:
• the shutdown of Internet service in syria, • apNIC implementing “austerity measures”

following similar outages in egypt and libya in the first quarter;
• World Ipv6 Day, which was intended to be a

around the assignment of Ipv4 address blocks from a rapidly dwindling pool of available space;
• and streaming of the “royal Wedding” of prince

“test flight” of Ipv6across a number of leading Web properties;

William and Catherine middleton, which broke traffic records on sites across the Web.

In next quarter’s report, we will look at the impact these events had on the Internet, as well as continuing to expand the scope of content within the report, especially around security- and mobile-related topics.

David belson

table of Contents
table ofContents
ExEcutivE Summary SEction 1: SEcurity 1.1 attack traffic, top originating Countries 1.2 attack traffic, top ports SEction 2: intErnEt PEnEtration 2.1 unique Ipv4 addresses 2.2 Ipv4 address space exhaustion 2.3 Ipv6 adoption SEction 3: GEoGraPhy – Global 3.1: Global average Connection speeds 3.2: Global average Connection speeds, City View 3.3: Global average peak Connection speeds 3.4 Globalaverage peak Connection speeds, City View 3.5 Global High broadband Connectivity 3.6 Global broadband Connectivity 3.7 Global Narrowband Connectivity SEction 4: GEoGraPhy – unitEd StatES 4.1 united states average Connection speeds 4.2 united states average Connection speeds, City View 4.3 united states average peak Connection speeds 4.4 united states average peak Connection speeds, City View 4.5united states High broadband Connectivity 4.6 united states broadband Connectivity 4.7 united states Narrowband Connectivity SEction 5: mobilE connEctivity 5.1 attack traffic From mobile Networks, top originating Countries 5.2 attack traffic From mobile Networks, top ports 5.3 Connection speeds & Data Consumption on mobile Networks 5.4 mobile traffic Growth as observed by ericsson 5.5 3G Data...
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