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Mac Store:

  Interview with Daniela (seller)

As recommended brand (Apple) is that it is more easy to use, no problems of viruses, is faster, can have the option to have Office for Mac, its design is more beautiful and elegant. He also explained that when you buy a Mac, get free 3 hrs of training giving ongoing advice in any store have a warranty policy internationally and there are manyplaces for training in specialized packages for Mac.

Asked information leaflets of equipment and told us that everything was in the Apple website.

HP Store:

  Interview with Jose Luis (shopkeeper)

He explains that there are a variety of brands of computers with the Windows operating system so there for all tastes and budgets. In particular he showed us all models of HPcomputers, laptops revise the cheapest was $ 6000.

From the desktop there are some who call new Touchsmart, these computers to be very powerful part of working directly on the screen and this mouse and keyboard optionally. I tested the computer along with the manager says that this technology is cutting edge and will be considered a great success, this does not have a Mac.

The manager tells me thatthere is a wide variety of software available to students and families making it more attractive and powerful compared to the other brand.

Articles of different opinions of users and experts.

Advantages over Windows OS.
Compatibility. When connecting a peripheral (printer, digital camera, etc.) to the Mac, the OS automatically detects it and can use itwithout any problems, I mean that there is no need to install drivers from a CD.
The interface is intuitive. I mean you can do everything with very few clicks of the mouse.
All your files are organized in a folder "Home", is much simpler and locate the organization.
The installation and un-installation of software is very simple, open the file with a "dmg" copies the app to the folder where youwant, preferably applications and ready for de-installing app just delete the file and go.
It is much cheaper than Windows and there is only one version, I mean you do not have to walk by choosing from premium version, Home Basic, Home Premium etc..
It is less vulnerable to viruses and malware.

Disadvantages of OS over Windows.

There is not a lot for Mac software, compared to the amount thatexists for Windows, although that is slowly changing.
Not intended to run the latest games, use components that can only run on Windows.
The Finder (Windows Explorer) in my opinion is very ugly and has much room to improve.
It's hard to find who can support.
Speaking about the hardware.
All drivers are given by Apple, so there will be no compatibility issues between OS andhardware.
Contains latest hardware.
The design is very good-looking.
Only you can set when you purchase your equipment.
Hardware is expensive.
The replacement parts are expensive and can not do either.
It's hard to find who can support.

FUENTE: http://7ecnologia.com/ventajasdesventajas-de-mac/

Opinion piece by Carlos Olvera. "Today with a great concern toshare my knowledge with passion through the vast web of information-The Internet-

Key Benefits and Features of PC Computer

The PC Computers is considered a worldwide standard.
Existence of an unlimited program developed for this platform.
The ability to choose from a large number of equipment and brands available, support and general information.
Peripheral devices that can be easilyadapted to handle structure.
The large number of existing games.

Key Benefits and Features of Mac Computers
The physical design is very nice and light structure.
His life larger than a PC according to studies.
The user-friendly operating system attractive and friendly.
Advanced graphical environment of great speed and efficiency.
Availability of basic essential programs also exist in the...
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