Temas Escolares

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Written test
Write the meaning of the words:
Complete with the correct words.
Colleagues- temporary- permanent job - suppliers- overtime- invest- shareholders- full timejob
1- A________________ ___________ is an eight-hour day work every day.
2- To _____________ is to put money into a business.
3- The companies we buy product from are our _____________4- Your ______________ are the people that you work with.
5- Peolple who put their money into a company are called_____________
6- I can work here as long as I want, I have a ___________________
7- My job finishes next month, it is only ______________
8- ________________ means that you work extra hours.
Match the names of the departments (1-9) with the phrases (a-i) to makea short description of each department.
1 Sales and Marketing a- transports the products
2 Informatin Technology b- pays the salaries
3 Customer Services c- sells the products
4 Humanresources d- make the products
5 Purchasing e- looks after the computers
6 Production f- things of ideas for new products
7 R and D g- recruits new staff
8 Finance h- processesorders from customers
9 Distribution i- buys parts from suppliers
Add -s, -es, or no letters (-) to the words in the following sentences
1- The company develop____ products for hospitals.2- Do ___ you import films?
3- She provide____ meals to schools
4- David work ____ for a company in Sweeden.
5- We have____ three suppliers
6- Does it sell ___ electronics?
7- Theshops do not buy ____ all their packaging from us.
8- Do ____ the company deliver within 24 hours?
9- Yes, it do___
10- We import____ most of all products

Translate the following textHello Amanda!
I am Luigi from Pescara! Can you tell me about your student programme? I know your company takes students who want some work experience in their holidays, and I want to apply for the...
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