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Some of the advantages of living in a small town is that almost all members of the population are known so there is less crime, is also easier to move, there is not much traffic and various places, like stores or parks, can be reached on foot, the atmosphere feels more peaceful and quiet, usually people are more united and more friendly. Maybe things that are not very good from a small town isthat there are not many distractions, sometimes life gets stocked into a routine that is not always bad because many people like routine, everyone also wants to know your life and are very nosy, in conclusion is more quiet to live in a small town although it may be more boring.

I would like to know Brazil because I've always loved to go to the beach and the culture of that country really catchesmy attention. Also I've always been a soccer fan and this country is the cradle of the best players in the world, it also has close proximity to the wilderness of the rain forests of Amazon, I would like to know Rio De Janeiro because It is famous for its majestic panoramic view, its festivals, samba and other music, sea-side hotels. Some of the most popular local landmarks of this city includethe giant statue of Jesus that is known as Christ the Redeemer, Rio enjoys a tropical climate and the temperature remains moderated by the cool sea wind even in the summer days, that is why I would like to go to Brazil.

The person I admire is my father because he taught me since I was a little boy how to succeed in life, he also taught me to make the best effort to fulfill my dreams, and makeeverything with a smile on the face, and he told me to be based on having good principles and always to be humble. He always filled my life with love and always looked up for my, and he also make sure that I have everything I need. He supports me in everything I do, and works hard to ensure that my family and I do not miss anything. My father travels and stays out the city working for all weeklong and he returns on weekends, it is hard but necessary, and I thank and admire him for that.

I started to swim a long time ago, I was eight years old when my parents would enroll me in my first swimming lessons, since then I practice swimming every day after school and I knew that swimming was the sport that I liked, as I said before I started swimming when I was little, and I have beenswimming ever since. This taught me that the more I practice, the better I get. That is way by the time I got nine years old I had already won two gold medals, and when I turned twelve, I went to my first big competition, representing my country in a Central American competition. The competition was held in Costa Rica and on this occasion won the silver medal, Costa Rican swimmer was the only one whocould beat me. This has been the most important competition in which I was. Currently I swim occasionally because I do not have too much time but I still love it.

I choose to study dentistry because when I was a little girl, I saw my uncle working at his clinic, and I really liked the profession, I was actually thinking of studying medicine or dentistry, but I preferred dentistry, because I preferto work in their mouths rather than on other body parts, so I decided to be part of USAC’s faculty of dentistry, my grandfather was also a dentist and he taught me that dentistry was a very good job and was well paid, the profession also has the benefit that you are your own boss as you create your own schedule and you take your own decisions and you do not follow orders from anyone. That's why Idecided to study dentistry and now that I'm almost done with my studies I can assure you that my decision was right because my profession is one of the best.

In ten years I see myself as a successful professional and as part of a happy family next to my current boyfriend; I hope to have two beautiful children a boy and a girl with the principles and humility that my parents taught me, I see...
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