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Cognitive development: Development needs three things, sequence; order in which changes occur, rate; the speed with which changes occur and form; the appearance of the entity which develops.Development changes are truly fixed and universal.
What is the difference between development and growth?
Growth refers to increases in height, weight and physical size and development is a term that canrefer to the mind and emotions, like the body.
#Development can occur when there is no growth because there is a maturation of the nervous system.
Intellectual development
Theorical stage :They say that the development progress through a series of qualitatively of different stages. Each phase represent a new level of organization of knowledge and adds a different kind of knowledge not justmore of the kind before.
#The concept of stages development includes the concepts of maturity and available or arrangement.
Some studies seem to imply that one should not try to teach a skill to achild until they develop and available or arrangement.
Arrangement interest
#The provision cognitive (disposición cognitiva) speaks about the accumulated on previous learning through explorationof personal and social experiences.
Piaget said that if there isn´t a disposition of a children we can´t teach them until they wanna to learn. But I think that the learning is a gradualaccumulation of experience in particular knowledge domains. If there isn´t disposition it can be made by leading learners.
Knowledge as a construction
Piaget recognized that we are born as active informationprocessors and exploratory, and we build our knowledge rather than take it as fact in answer to experience, we adapt to our environments and build skills.
Knowledge as a construction:a)Self-motivated and b) thought experiences = in this form we build skills.
The physical action as the basis for cognitive development
#What we learn is what we do.
Piaget saw the acquisition of concepts...
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