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(Museo La Tertulia Cali.)
The tertulia museum.

We are going to talk about the tertulia museum. We are interested in this Project because this place is oneof the most recognized in Valle Del Cauca and is part of our culture. Our research will be about its exhibitions, its most important characteristics and its creation.

The Tertulia museum is locatedin Colombia Avenue, in the front of the Cali River. This is a big museum and it is one of the most attractive places to visit.

The museum is famous for its architecture and because it is a bridgebetween learning and culture. The students and people are interesting in knowing caleña culture.

This museum offers different services like temporally exhibitions, guided tours, outdoor theater,children’s workshop, store and much more that makes the tourists happier with our city.

The museum has three blocks where we can find different exhibitions like:

In the first one you can find a bigshowroom with more than three hundred Works of artists national and international with samples of paint, sculpture, picture and drawing; and an arts workshop to children.

In the second one you canfind the kinematics, outdoor theater and the basement.

In the third one you can find a graphic arts workshop, restoration workshop, conference auditorium, apartments for artists and a small artshop.

Actually concluded the last block of museum and it has an auditorium, library, coffee shop and parking area and other.

The access is free to adults oldest than 70 years old, children youngerthan 4 years old, disabled and SISBEN affiliates.

Its horary is: Tuesday to Saturday from 10am-6pm; Sunday from 2-6pm. The Museum is closed on Mondays. Companies and organisations can arrangespecial group visits.

The body sculpture and Pictures.

1. The body sculpture is more modern than the pictures.

2. The pictures are designed from students and artist. These...
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