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1) Questions: Employment Suitability
a)      Do you currently have the right to work in Canada?
Yes I do, I have an open work permit.
b)      Are youover 18 years of age?
Yes im, im 28 years old
c)       Are you the candidate we are looking for? Why? Tell me more about your video game experiences.
Ilove to play games, I play since I was a child.
d)      How many hours per week do you play video games?
I play all week ends with my friends, and often inthe week days
e)      Which console(s) do you own at home?
Plays station 3, wii, x boox
f)       Have you ever found any bugs? Give a description of thekind of bugs you found in the past.
Fifa 10, the ball get out of the court,, but you can still play
g)      On a scale of 1-10, how strong is your attentionto detail?
h)      Name the languages in which you are currently proficient, and indicate your mother language.
My natal language is Spanish, and improficient in english
i)        When would you be available to work full-time
j)        Have you worked at Babel Media before? If so, when?
No Ihaven´t
k)      Can you tell us where you found our advertisement or found out about this position?
Your Informations
Availability forthe test

Any day before 6 pm, im already in montreal  

First | Last/family | Skype (Prefered) | Phone |
| | | |

Availability forthe test and a potential interview (please specify if different):
Thank you for your interest, we will get back to you soon.
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