The American Revolution

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The American dream

In the 18th century a group of people found a land where they thought they could settle down and start by their own, many years came through until they finally made their rights to establish The United States of America.
We will make a journey through the American Revolution, the most important causes and consequences of it and the philosophers of that time; Then the mostimportant leaders who arrived to the Independence of USA, who were the founding fathers; Finally we will talk about the American constitution, the most important events, and the differences between the Peruvian constitution and American’s constitution

In the process to start the independence, The American Revolution began in 1775 as open conflict between the united thirteen colonies and GreatBritain. By t he Treaty of Paris in 1783, the colonies had won their independence but the war began as a disagreement between the difference of how the united colonies felt they were treated and how they should be treated, the United colonies felt that they all deserved the “rights of Englishmen” and no been used as the Parliament should think these colonies be suited for the crown and also theyclaimed one important thing: “No taxation without Representation”

The war started for many reason but there were four facts which were determinated to begin the revolution and then with the independence. The first one was the geographic considerations that made the distance of the colonies from Great Britain: a desire of new opportunities and more freedom. The second one is the existence ofcolonial legislatures which meant that the colonies were independent of the crown and by the time these legislatures became rights. The third cause was Salutary Neglect which was a system created by the Prime Minister Robert Walpole that made him believed this enhanced freedom would stimulate commerce. Another cause was The Enlightenment which was a document where the concepts of the social contract,limited government, the consent of the governed, and separation of powers should be established.

When the war finished there were many consequences that made change pe ople’s mind with The American War of Independence; It gave birth to a new nation, leaving behind the past of being an English colony and becoming the United States of America thanks to the Treat of Paris in 1783, as a consequenceof that England lost her colonies in America and her national debt increased, However England never lost her navy supremacy.
Because of the American Revolution France kept bankrupted as a consequence of owing to England heavy naval and military expenditures since the Frenchmen had helped the Americans in their revolt against a King. Another fact was that the old Federal Constitution was replacedby a new constitution that a special group of delegates framed at Philadelphia. It was referred to as the Constitutional Convention of 1787, and as a result of that, the new American State was a republic and not a monarchy. Instead of being a unitary state it was a federation with a democracy, it was the world’s first democratic federal republic and according to this new one which gave thefederal government powers such as taxation and regulation of commerce. The government was divided into three branches: The new government had a Congress, the legislative body; there was also an executive branch, with the President at its head, as well as a judicial branch, at the head of which was the Supreme Court. this three branches of the national government under the constitution of 1787, whichcame into effect in 1789.
In the American history there were seven important leaders which names are being recognized all over the world by the Historian Richard B. Morris in 1973 identifying the following seven figures as the key Founding Fathers: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington. The Founding Fathers were the ones...
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