The animals in the farm

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The animals that live in a farm all make special sounds....

There is a horse that goes NEIGH...NEIGH...
and gallops around.

There is a cow that goes MOO.....and makes the milk for children todrink.

There is the Piggy; he goes OINK, OINK, OINK.

There is the sheep, it has a wooly coat and goes BAA, BAA, BAA...

Here is the Duck, he goes QUACK....QUACK....

This is the chicken. Itmakes the eggs for the children to eat. It goes CLUCK...CLUCK....CLUCK....

Here is the goat. It makes milk and cheese, and it goes BEH....BEH....BEH.....

Here are the Farm Animalsquestions:
1. We eat eggs that are laid by farm animals. What animal lays these eggs? Its name starts with "C."
2. We drink milk that is produced by farm animals. Butter, ice cream and cheese are made fromthis milk. What is the name of the animal that produces this milk? Its name starts with "C."
3. Some farms have problems with rats and mice eating the food raised on the farm, so farmers keep a typeof animal that eats the rats and mice. What is the name of this small animal? Its name starts with "C."
4. What is the name of a female chicken? Its name starts with "H."
5. This animal starts withan "S." It has thick, woolly fur that people use to make sweaters, socks, and blankets. What is this animal called?
6. This farm animal starts with a "P." It likes to roll around in mud. It has aflat snout and a little, curly tail. What is it called?
7. This animal starts with "D." This animal is the best friend of man. What is it called?
Answer: Chickens

Answer: Cow

Answer: CatAnswer: Hen

Answer: Sheep

Answer: Pig

Answer: Dog

Welcome to the Farm
You can discover and learn what life is like on the farm for sheep, pigs, cows, ducks, chickens and horses.
Chickensgive us our eggs, Cows provide us with nutritious milk. Different breeds of sheep produce many kinds of wool fibres which are made into clothing. Pigs provide us with bacon and pork and Ducks become...
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