The drugs in the teens

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The drugs are substances that at the time of consuming them you cannot leave them and damage your central nervous system, also cause upheavals in your form to be in your behavior and your mood.
Somedrugs are you bequeath and diseases treatments of and prevention of them are used for.
But also the illegal drugs exist that cause damages in your health if you consume them and can provocarte anaddiction.
What is an addiction?  
It is the loss of control by  excessive consumption of addictive substances.
The addiction causes that you do not let consume the substance and that you cannot livewithout her.
It is possible to be only solved if you receive a professional treatment.
Types of drugs according to its effects
Drug is one that to duer to you to me.
Several types ofnarcotics exist:
But it is known like poppy. It is a dust of toasted color.
It produces a ensoñación state (that this sleepy means)
Its constant use causes estornudos, perspiration,lagrimeo , bostezos and pain to you in your muscles. Later they appear chills, sofocos, insomnia, diarrea, is increased the beats of your heart.
Their physical effects are:
 Reddened Epidermis.
Contracted pupils.
 Nauseas.
 Decay of the respiratory function.
 Loss of reflections.
 Lack of answer to the stimuli.
 Hipotensión.
 Cardiac deceleration.
 Convulsions.
 Risk ofdeath.
The psychological effects are:
 Euphoria.
 Energy.
 To please.
 Sexual vigor.
When it finishes the action of this drug you begin with a depression state and distresses.Hallucinogenic
This narcotic makes you have visions and it gives a sensation you of unreal things.
When you consume this drug takes to you to which they call a TRIP, which you can last 12 hours.
This drugcauses to you to have nightmares and it can take to you until the suicide by so frightful that they become.
This drug causes confusion to you and dream problems where you cannot sleep and...
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