The biological protein catalyst used for food allergies and intolerances

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The Biological Protein Catalyst Used for Food Allergies and Intolerances
Daniela Checa
October 24, 2011

Food intolerances
Food intolerances are unpleasant reactions to certain foodor ingredients that are eaten. This is due to a deficiency of enzymes or the inability of certain enzymes in the body to work in the digestion of certain foodstuff. The solution to these foodintolerances are enzymes that are taken through capsules3. The problem is that due to the lack specific enzymes in the body, toxic by-products and histamine may be produced as a result1.
Common foodintolerance is to cow’s milk, which contains the sugar lactose. The enzyme that is used to assist in the breakdown of this sugar is known as lactase, which is produced by cells in the lining of the smallintestine4. But due to a shortage or absence of lactase production, the body is unable to break down lactose into simpler forms that can be later absorbed by the bloodstream2. Unabsorbed sugars attractfluids into the bowel due to osmotic reactions and this causes uncomfortable symptoms such as diarrhoea, stomach pains, bloating among others3.
To identify the source of the food intolerance, patientsare given a capsule containing certain food or ingredients they are unaware of to assure no psychological influence on the results of the test. Observations are recorded based on the behaviours ofthe patient’s body to the capsule and regular diet4. Dairy Ease is an enzyme that helps in the digestion of lactose. This enzyme breaks apart and hydrolyses ingested lactose into glucose and galactose,which is easier to transport across the cell membrane around the cell5. These supplements may contain plant-based or animal-derived enzymes5. This supplementary enzyme is swallowed with the first biteof food that may contain dairy products, that way it starts to react in the intestine as soon as it is to be digested, that way there is no unpleasant reaction as a result.
Food allergies
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