The boy was aplied

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The father very disappointed, of the things the young did the father was regretted of the study who he has did your son and to allow to him that he graduated abachelor and a morning the father call to it’s son in the room this happened.

I have the hope of which still it’s time to amend the error, you studied bachelor.

*You are going to go the UnitedStates, No Sr. said your father you’re going to study but nothing that you do, want to command you in my house; you are going to study masonry. The young scared and surprised masonry¡ I’m going tostudy masonry? No father.

But father. You don’t have experience in to construction

* Non I can’t make that like they will laugh at me my friends me that I have gone for a walk in automobile.The other hand has a pending with me that should embarrassed more me a debt of what do she means this portrait that I found at night in your table. What would you respond before their father she willask to you she answers.

Was that human is that the morals that I have become trained son.
You look at she doesn’t tell you the conscience that woman death.
Your work and do not you understand thatit your mother knows, same should since it suffers seeing it of a slut.
Now you don’t torment me but all that him one say, yes in the lover of an any one maxes with.

* You don’t pay it with thatyou should have thought that with this you. I have tired to honour in the newspaper
To say that stupidity you studied so many years for that you took out that I title no father this is a diploma.You do not have to correct me to may
I prefer you without holding, but less invesil, this doesn’t deserve to be here serious a continuous reproach to my stupidity no, I don’t want it you don’t deserveto be high school.

*No father that not my title. My father broke my title their title! That ingrate is the brake him their title.
Yes, and yes five children had, five title would break. Today...
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