The City Of Valencia

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Are you tired of your hometown? Do you want some holidays and you don’t know where to go? We have a solution for you.
One of the largest cities in Spain, awesome people and awesome food, beach, sun and lots of ways to spend your time, we are obviously talking about Valencia.
Valencia is located on the middle-east part of Spain, by the Mediterranean sea, a perfect place tolive in. You won’t need more than 4 hours to reach Madrid, and 3 to reach Barcelona, it has one of the best locations in the country.
How to reach Valencia? There are a lot of ways to reach this place. The most useful one if you’re a foreigner is by plane. You won’t have any problem with your flight, there are many direct flights from all over Europe and also direct flights from all over theworld via Madrid or Barcelona. The airport is located 8 kms far from the city centre.
Another good way to reach Valencia is by train, very suitable if you have decided to travel via Madrid or Barcelona. All the information is located in the official webpage of RENFE.
The most economical way to come to Valencia is by car. If you decide to bring or rent a car, there are two major motorways leading toValencia, one from Madrid, the A-3, and the A-7 from Barcelona and the border with France.
The weather in Valencia is wonderful. With a Mediterranean climate, the city enjoys hot summers and mild winters, with an average temperature of 20º.
You won’t have any problem if you want to sleep in Valencia. The accommodation in the city has reached a very high level in the last few years, where youwill find youth hostels with ridiculous prices or luxury hotels if you want to overnight as a sir. The city centre, the harbour and the beach are full of modern and cheap hotels for the visitors.
If you ask a Valencian to describe his city with one word, it will probably be ‘culture’. Valencia is a very rich city in culture, with a lot of places to visit that are very enjoyable for tourists. Theold part of the town is one of the main attractions of the city.
The gothic cathedral is the main building of the city and one of the favourite places for visitors. The Almoina, behind the cathedral is also a very curious attraction for tourists, where they can see ancient roman ruins found under the cathedral of the city. The central market, the biggest in Europe, is a perfect place to spend themorning, where you will find a beautiful building with a lot of life in it.
Museums are also very interesting buildings to visit, where you can learn at the time you enjoy your visit. The Museo de Arte Moderno (IVAM) or the Bellas Artes museum are two great museums but the biggest and most famous exposition in Valencia is the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, an enormous place where a museumis placed and where you can enjoy and learn about everything you can imagine.
The arquitecture of Valencia is very rich, it goes from the XIII century until nowadays and we can find a lot of beautiful buildings. Probably, the most famous arquitect that has worked in our city is Santiago Calatrava, that has designed the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias and the Puente de la Peineta. The harbour,that has been renovated for the 32nd America’s Cup, is also an example of the modernism of the city.
There are a lot of leisure activities in Valencia, going shopping, visiting the Bioparc or discovering the nightlife of the city are three of the most enjoyable activities for tourists. Going shopping is an activity that we all enjoy and Valencia is a perfect city to do this. With lots ofshopping centres and big shops, the city centre of Valencia is the biggest place if you want to buy some new clothes for yourself.
The Bioparc is a new zoo, opened a few years ago. It’s a big place situated in the suburbs of the city where visitors are able to see lots and lots of different animals living together in his own area.
Valencia is probably as lively in the morning as in the night. The...
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