The city of guayaquil

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The city of Guayaquil
Guayaquil has been exposed to changes and transformations between the years because its people had migrated to different places around of Ecuador and other countries. Guayaquilis the most populated city of Ecuador so various cultural movements have appeared in this beautiful city.
It has been turn into an important axis for the music, theater, cinema, dance and visualart. The city has a variety of museums and library. The Urban Regeneration have promoted the cultural grow in various parts of the city, like the Santa Ana’s hill is one touristic, cultural and historicdestiny.
Along of “Malecón 2000” and “Malecón Del Salado” we can appreciate the sculptures y monuments that capture the art of the city. The population of the city y of the majority of the coastkeeps idiomatic differences with the cities and the populations of the Ecuadorian high-lands; it can be notice in the clothing too because the majority part of the year the city has warm weather so theclothes used for the population is light. The nightlife of the city is very active; the majority of the young people go to city sectors like clubs, bars and discos.
There are fewreferences about the literature of the city of Guayaquil in the colonial era. After the independence of the city, there were sculptors of poems, odes, histories alike Dr. José Joaquin de Olmedo and JoaquinGallegos Lara; there were who had written about the socialism in the Ecuador and this community was denominated “Grupo de Guayaquil” and the members were Pedro José Vera, José de la Cuadra, DemetrioAguilar Malta, etc. “Los que se van” was a literary written by various members of this group, the one that recreates the experience and reality which the farmer of the Ecuadorian coast is exposed.Festivities
One of the celebrations that have place in the start of the year is the carnival, the one that varies according its date of celebration from end of January to early March, according to the...
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