The Crime Preventive Impact Of Penal Sanctions

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Rubén Roig Diaz
LECTURA 1: The crime preventive impact of penal sanctions
1- Define los siguientes conceptos que aparecen en el texto:
Prevención general (deterrence): Deterrence is thepractice of threatening of adverse consequences in order to avoid people doing certain kind of actions, so in criminology deterrence would be the preventions of criminal acts through the threat of legalpunishments as could be fines or prison. The general deterrence, is based in discouraging everybody in the society of committing crimes or deviant behaviors
Prevención especial negativa (specialdeterrence): The special deterrence is focused in a particular group, the offenders, and the target of it is to avoid that when offenders have finished their penalties, they commit crimes again. Over thelast years, the authorities have tried to do special deterrence with shock treatments, which have been shown that are not effective at all, because finally it produces de adverse effect, the recidivismIncapacitación (incapacitation): The incapacitation is the idea in which is based the prisons of the main countries. The easier way of avoiding someone of committing a crime is separating him from thesociety for a period of time or even lifelong, that strategy doesn’t help them to be reintroduced in the society and usually make the convicted people really difficult to integrate with the otherpeople, so incapacitation could be the extremely opposite to deterrence, because in order to avoid that this people behavior by helping them, in that strategy the offenders are sentenced to be absolutelyseparated of the other people and probably would never feel like the other citizens.
Rehabilitación (rehabilitation): The target of that kind of program is helping the offender, and also the wholesociety, to forget all the habits and reactions that they have in the past, and modify them to make him easier to get opportunities and to make him less likely to commit crimes. That strategy...
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